A “Wake-up Call” on the Importance of Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration for Prosperous Societies



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Cécile Riallant, Head — Migration and Sustainable Development Unit, IOM

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Monday, September 21, 2020 - 17:27



Well managed migration can serve as an accelerator to bring us back on track to reach the Global Goals in the time of COVID-19.

Inspiring SDG actions are being captured during the first ever SDG Moment during the 75th UN General Assembly. These actions are important now more than ever, as our progress towards the SDGs is being threatened. 

In celebration of this important event, IOM's Migration and Sustainable Development Unit issued a blog - A “Wake-up Call” on the Importance of Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration for Prosperous Societies - to call attention to the fact that without facilitating safe, orderly and regular migration, we risk jeopardizing hard-won development gains. On the other hand, well governed migration can help us build stronger, more inclusive and resilient communities.

COVID-19 has served as a “wake-up call” on the importance of safe, orderly, and regular migration. It has reminded the world that migration is a global phenomenon that touches us all. By working together, we can address some of the immediate and potentially long-term impacts of the pandemic and accelerate progress towards our shared vision for a better future: the Sustainable Development Goals.

International cooperation on migration is needed now more than ever to accelerate progress towards the SDGs during this Decade of Action. Read our blog to see how we can leverage migration for global prosperity. Find out more and watch the recording of the SDG Moment 2020 here.