“The Story of Fatma” as part of an awareness-raising campaign to combat human trafficking


Anti-Trafficking Campaign (IOM): The Story of Fatma

The video “Story of Fatma” has been produced by IOM Tunisia, with the support of SHARE Project Steering Committee composed by Tunisian Ministries, international organizations and local NGOs, as part of a national comprehensive strategy to counter-trafficking in the country.

The animation shows a young Tunisian girl looking for a job on the Internet. While chatting on social media, she sees an attractive job opportunity advertised. Quickly, a man contacts her. The hiring process is simple: she only has to send her CV and a personal photo.

She gets a signed copy of her contract by e-mail and all the official documents she needs to travel abroad to start working.
At arrival in the country of destination, the man welcoms her and takes her passport. She realizes that she has become the victim of a fraud: the man eventually forces her to work in prostitution.

At the end, the video shows the same trafficker trying to recruit a young man through false promises of a wellpaying job abroad, perpetuating the chain of human trafficking. It is time to break the chain!