Health For All - Tunisia


Health for All - Tunisia

This video has been realized  within the "Health for All" project in Tunisia

Students, young people and children go to Italy to study and to start working.

With the Health for All project they have learned knowledge on their country and have decided to make this video to disseminate a message of accessibility to health as a human right.

Health for All project is seeks to foster the participation of the Tunisian community residing in Tuscany to address the lack of health infrastructure in the governorate of Kasserine (Central West of Tunisia), where 61% of the inhabitants live in rural areas where health infrastructures are particularly lacking. The project aims to improve the socio-sanitary conditions in the region, through the strengthening of the partnership between public institutions and civil society active in the Tunisian and Italian social and health systems. Due to high mortality rate at birth, the project particularly focuses on women and children through targeted awareness-raising activities on maternal health, as well as the provision of equipment that reduces the rate of infections