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Post date: Mar 09, 2017

"We're going to realise very soon that building walls is utterly ineffective, and – definitely with development aid – we should be aiming at something completely different" - Programme Manager of the UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative, Cécile Riallant.

Post date: Feb 12, 2014

Sustaining the Gains of Foreign Labour Migration through Protection of Migrant Workers' Rights' produced by Interface Nepal with the support of UN Women and the European Commission.

Post date: Jan 17, 2014

16 January 2014 - As part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness on the impact of climate change on internal migration in Egypt, IOM Egypt produced the “Tale of One City”. This two-minute animation video aims to highlight the effects of climate change on populations residing in low elevation areas southeast of Alexandria along the Mediterranean coast.

Post date: Dec 09, 2013

The video “Story of Fatma” has been produced by IOM Tunisia, with the support of SHARE Project Steering Committee composed by Tunisian Ministries, international organizations and local NGOs, as part of a national comprehensive strategy to counter-trafficking in the country.

Post date: Nov 28, 2013

Following the Call for Donations for the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan, the Secretary of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, Ms. Imelda M. Nicolas, expresses her thanks and salutes the strong support received in this dramatic times from the Filipino community abroad. 

Post date: Oct 16, 2013

MANILA, Philippines, April 5, 2011 -- The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Government of the Philippines today launched a US$250,000 major project wholly funded by Western Union to harness the power of remittances from migrant workers to drive sustainable economic development in the Philippines and other developing countries.

Post date: Oct 09, 2013

Speech by AFFORD Chair Gibril Faal at the United Nations General Assembly AFFORD took part in the UN Informal Interactive Hearings on International Migration & Development at the UN General Assembly, New York, on the 15th of July 2013, to raise the diaspora voice on migration & development issues in the run up to the UN High Level Dialogue on 'Migration & Development'.

Post date: Oct 08, 2013

United Nations High Level Dialogue on Migration and International Development Opening Remarks by Mr Gibril Faal
Chairman of African Foundation for Development (AFFORD)
& Director of GK Partners
United Nations General Assembly
General Assembly Hall (NLB), New York, 3 October 2013


Post date: Jul 17, 2013

Le nouveau film documentaire sur le projet CARIMA.

Post date: May 10, 2013

Justice for Domestic Workers (J4DW) is a self-help group organization for and by Migrant Domestic Workers campaigning for migrant workers’ rights and welfare.