QUERY: Leaflet for migrant parents and children left-behind / Seeking partners


We are very happy to share with you a brochure entitled, “My child is home alone”, which we have created as part of the JMDI project “Support to parents and children in migration” in cooperation with CRIC Moldova (Migration for development programme). You can read the electronic version of the leaflet on our website here: http://acse-alc.org/volet_transnational_les_enfants_delaisses.html or request free copies from: f.marengo@association-alc.org.

The leaflet is in Romanian, Bulgarian and French. It suggests advice to parents in order to help them to better keep in contact with their children in their countries of origin and make separation less difficult. We are distributing this guide to migrants all over France.

As we would like to target a larger number of migrants, we would like to develop the concept of this leaflet, to adapt its content to other cultures and other countries, to translate it into other languages, particularly English, Filipino, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, etc., and to introduce elements of the culture of the countries concerned into the content and the graphic design of the different versions of this leaflet.

In order to carry out this project, we are looking for local NGOs or institutions in migrants’ countries of origin (particularly the Philippines, Caribbean countries, Russia and Ukraine, Nigeria, and other African countries) to establish a valuable cooperation with them to adapt and distribute the leaflets.

If you have any contacts to suggest to us or if you are interested in our project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Federica Marengo

Project Officer
Association ALC - Dispositif National Ac.Sé
Nice - France
site web: www.acse-alc.org

Mother’s from conception on worry about their kids, and want the best for them, and try to give them the best they can. In the past it was easier for mothers to stay at home with their kids and raise them: keep them close to them and watch them grow happy and strong. Nevertheless, today is so different for mothers. The worry about income makes it necessary for many to have to work full-time outside the house; single parent homes have many worries and struggles.
Challenges of a mother and their children are not something to worry about rather something to be accepted. As they grow and change, mothers change and grow too. Letting a child make their own choices, decisions, and mistakes is very hard. The hardest task for a mother is to let them grow away from them. Mothers tend to hold on tighter when a child starts to drift. This is when it is important for a mother to trust in herself. The efforts and guidance that was given to her child while growing up was done right and that the road they choose will be the best they can for themselves.
It may be easiest to understand a child growing up and changing by looking at it from a different concept. You make and mold this child into something you believe will make a good adult and he/she knows the right and wrong of life and teach them to make good sound choices.

Eleanor Maccoby, a distinguished developmental psychologist, wrote that the contribution of parental practices to children's personality cannot be viewed in isolation. Each parental behavior or parental personality trait is part of a complex system that in some respects is unique to each parent-child relationship.

In conclusion, parents have to educate their children to believe that they can be successful anywhere they are without migrate through unlawful ways and end up losing their life. Popular adage says “charity begins at home”. Giving then good orientation and proper development will safeguard and reduce number of youth migrating to Europe seeking green pastures in which what they need to survive is within. Also, government should encourage and support female gender to complement there efforts because both parents build home, society and world at large.

Hi Federica

My name is Richard Troupe, Executive Director of Hope for children development company in kingston, Jamaica.

I have read your work and I am very excited by the prospect of partnership.

Have you already translated the brochure in English. I would be happy to review a copy to determine its relevance and applicability to the jamaican context.