A ‘Brain Gain’ project using migrants’ capacities to develop the Moldovan healthcare system

Sep 22, 2010
JMDI Focus area:
Migrant Capacities
Avoiding brain waste both for societies in countries of origin and of destination
Building upon the capacities of highly skilled migrants as well as migrants professional/ entrepreneur associations for development
A German-Moldovan partnership which seeks to use the potential of Moldovan diaspora doctors and pharmacists based in Germany to undertake joint research and co-operation projects.

In Moldova the JMDI is funding a German-Moldovan partnership project which seeks to use the potential of Moldovan diaspora doctors and pharmacists, other scientists and students, currently working in Germany for the development of the Moldovan healthcare system.  Among the activities carried out by the project partners are joint research and co-operation projects, joint initiatives for students’ exchange and internships, e-teaching and e-learning and joint publications.  The 158,070 Euro project is bing implemented by the State Medical and Pharmaceutical University “Nicolae Testemitanu” (SMPhU), Republic of Moldova in co-operation with the University of Leipzig and Moldova-Institute Leipzig, Germany. 

Current activities:

In April 2010 a workshop entitled “Brain Drain - Brain Gain in the Moldovan Healthcare System” was held in Leipzig, Germany, where representatives of Moldovan diaspora medical professionals in Germany presented information on the activities of their institutions and suggested proposals for future joint projects. Among the participants were the following representatives of the Moldovan diaspora medical professionals based in Germany: Prof. Dr. Sava Costin, Prof. Dr. Alexandru Mustea, Dr. Serghei Cebotari, Dr. Eugen Gurschi and Dr. Mihaela.

In June and July 2010 several workshops for physicians, faculty members of SMPhU “Nicolae Testemitanu”, residents and students in relevant fields were organized in Chisinau, Moldova. The following joint activities between the partners were agreed to:

Establish collaboration between the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Chisinau, Moldova and the MediClin Krankenhaus, Plau am See, Germany:

  • To create a modern neuro-vascular emergency unit at INN, Chisinau, where modern methods of stroke treatment will be used;
  • To organize trainings in various fields for doctors from Moldova at MediClin Krankenhaus Plau am See, improving the quality of health care services;

  • To provide modern medical equipment. 

Organize a working visit to Moldova by Dr. Deymann, Head of the Department of Emergency Neurology and Stroke Unit, in November 2010;

Expand cooperation between health care institutions in Moldova and similar institutions in Germany in the following fields:

  • Training to be held in German clinics: sharing of advanced diagnostic methods and teamwork skills (neonatologist, gynecologist, reanimatologist) ;
  • Research;
  • Technical assistance.


To ensure the necessary political support for these activities, the Chisinau project team held a meeting between representatives of the Moldovan Medical Diaspora in Germany (Dr. Igor Tudorache, Dr. Serghei Cebotari, Prof. Dr. Alexander Mustea and Prof. Dr. Sava Costin), representatives of the project team (Prof. Dr. Minodora Mazur and Dr. Valeriu Chicu) and the Moldovan Minister of Health. (See picture)

Upcoming activities:

The project team is currently preparing the project’s key event, and national seminar entitled, “Brain Drain – Brain Gain in the Moldovan Healthcare System”. Among the anticipated participants are Moldovan authorities, representatives of Moldovan diaspora medical professionals based in Germany, representatives of EU embassies accredited in the Republic of Moldova as well as representatives of local and European donor organizations.

For more information visit the JMDI’s Moldova country page: http://www.migration4development.org/node/2086

More information about the project’s activities can also be found here: www.medconnect.md


Dr. Valeriu Chicu (vchicu@usmf.md) – project manager in Moldova

Dr. Victoria Reinhardt (reinhardt@uni-leipzig.de) – project manager in Germany