End Report of WEDS as a supplement of MGT

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The document is the report submitted to Oxfam Novib who funded the Women Enterprise Development Stimulus as an supplementary or continuity project for Maria Goes to Town or MGT. Since June 2006, Damayan has engaged in implementing the social preparation, the gender sensitivity trainings, and the establishment of the collective economic facility or market. One of the gaps identified here is the need for a more systematic capacity building of women not only as collective but also as individual entrepreneurs.

The trainings and coaching was meant to the address this capacity gap among women to engage in business. Moreover the additional funds was also mobilized for production technology trainings and introduction to markets. Altogether, it helped consolidate the initial project and allowed it to achieve the goals of increasing income from the facility and increased production.

One could see here the results of the intervention in May 2008, after 18 months since July 2006.

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