The national events took place in 10 out of the 16 target countries where projects were implemented through the JMDI. Participants include the national grantees funded, the wider community of M&D practitioners, government representatives and EU member states represented in the country, local authorities, EU delegations, donors, JMDI partners in the first phase such as the UNDP, UNHCR, UNFPA, ILO and IOM and the media.

Since the first phase of the  JMDI programme was built around the premises that it was important to generate a solid evidence base for better planning and management in this field, in order to know what works, under what conditions, in which transnational spaces and why. The national events served to put JMDI grantees at the heart of proceedings as the practitioners who policy-makers can learn from in order to make migration for development operational.  Indeed, these events provided local authorities, civil society organizations and national governments a space for interaction and mutual understanding through innovative methodologies and in a bid to strengthen partnerships for a common M&D agenda.

Having transformed ideas into projects and created a lively community of practitioners in the field of M&D, the JMDI final national events, therefore, were a central activity of this first phase as a space to give back to the community what had been learned, knowledge tools developed and share success stories and best practices in M&D, as well as symbolizing the closure of the projects funded by the JMDI and debate on and set the phase for moving ahead in the M&D agenda. 

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