Information needed about studies on the impact of migration on multigenerational households


To launch the study on the impact of migration on multigenerational households in Moldova, would be great to hear about similar studies in other countries, and most useful, potential questions to be included in the questionnaire.

Dear Dina,

Please follow : to access a publication on the International Migration and Remittance. The study tried to access the impact of migration and remittances on households.

The questionnaire can be found at:



Dear Michael thank you for sharing the information and questionnaire with us all.

Greetings from Moldova. (Dina)

Dear Dina

We,SEEDS, conducts a project and research on impact on remittances on household expenditure.

Could you please see send me email add to send the details.

Thanks and Regards,

Saminda Kodithuwakku
Sri Lanka
(Project Coordinator, HelpAge International and Second Breath in Moldova)

Dear Dina,
I am not sure how important it is for you to reply now but I am looking at the impact of labour out-migration on the people left-behind. In terms of multigenerational impact, I have just submitted a paper on generational differences in the valuation of agricultural land for food security to a journal. I am working on this issue for my PhD research so we can have more discussion in this matter.
Hom Gartaula
Wageningen University
The Netherlands