UN-INSTRAW Virtual Discussion: Migration, Remittances and Gender


From 31 May to 18 June the UN-INSTRAW Gender & Migration Virtual Community is hosting the 

III Virtual Discussion “Migration, Remittances and Gender-Responsive Local Development.”

This discussion will be based on the UN-INSTRAW and the UNDP research findings in Albania, the Dominican Republic, Lesotho, the Philippines and Senegal. This joint research project sought to enhance gender-responsive local development by identifying and promoting options for utilizing remittances for sustainable livelihoods and for building social capital in poor rural and semi urban communities. 

The virtual discussion is an excellent platform for the community’s users to network and exchange information and good practices with other professionals around the globe (at the moment, the UN-INSTRAW Virtual Community has more than 800 members from nearly 100 countries). Although the discussion will be based on UN-INSTRAW and UNDP research projects, this is an excellent opportunity for everyone to exchange ideas and practices on how to better understand the needs and motivations of migrant women and how to promote gender-sensitive development projects around the world.

• The main goals of the virtual discussion are:

- To share the UN-INSTRAW & the UNDP findings from the project “Gender & Remittances: Building Gender-Responsive Local Development 

- To analyze what is needed to efficiently address and include gender into projects of migration, remittances and local development. 

- To develop a document with gender-sensitive recommendations and policies for migration and development.

• The discussion will be based on UN-INSTRAW and UNDP research project “Migration, Remittances and Gender-Responsive Local Development - Case Studies: Albania, the Dominican Republic, Lesotho, the Philippines and Senegal”. 

We kindly ask you to read the EXECUTIVE SUMMARIES before the beginning of the discussion. To find the executive summaries online, along with the complete research reports and fact sheets, please click on the Media Kit

If you need a general introduction to the subject, please read these two articles published by UN-INSTRAW on Gender, Remittances and Development:


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