Migrant enterprise development support


Unlad Kabayan started in 1994 in Hong Kong as a response to a need of migrant workers to plan and organize their eventual return to home communities. Increasing cases of abuse, the 1990 Gulf war that saw many migrants losing everything and going home in disarray, and political and economic uncertainties in host countries hastened the process of Migrant Savings for Alternative Investements (MSAI) - a reintegration strategy. Migrants were encouraged to save, invest in their communities, and create a job for themselves when they return.Since then, MSAI has grown - migrants pooling resources together building bigger capital and enterprises and generating local jobs. But these business initiatives need a lot of help.

Unlad Kabayan provides business development services with the support of some government agencies and financial institutions. the JMDI has allowed Unlad to build more support structures. But there are many barriers to overcome in a highly competitive and often hostile business environment. Therefore we would like to know about similar projects:

  • How have these fared?
  • What are good practices and lessons learned that would be helpful for us - e.g. policy environment, ethical business practice?

Thank you!