QUERY: Italy / Tax benefits for migrant family members abroad / Remittances


Hello everybody, my name is Arturo, I was born in Perù and have been living in Italy since 2002. I am working as a Tax Advisor for people and enterprises from Genoa (Italy).
Three years ago I found in the Italian fiscal law opportunity for immigrants residents in Italy.

It grants to immigrant citizens the possibility to recognize their dependent family members living outside Italy (in the origin country). This acknowledgment allows the reimbursement of their taxes paid up to 800 Euros every year to any family member.

Think about this: how many family members will be recognize for every person that sends remittances every day, month, year, not just in Italy...

However, this opportunity has been only established  for 3 years (a experimental fiscal law 2007-2009), unfortunately the number of people are few that know about it and that send remittances in Italy. For this reason I am carrying forward a campaign of fiscal acknowledgment, informing and orienting immigrants about the fiscal law to the first generation immigrants resident in the main Italian cities.

The question: does this tax advantage exist in any other countries in the EU and beyond?

I know that this argument is complex for these lines, however please visit: www.consulenzavargas.com for further information.

Dr Arturo Barrientos

Dear Mr. Arturo,

My name is Dina and I am from the Republic of Moldova. I am currently coordinating a project in the field of migration, that targets family members left behind migration. The infromation you have placed on the forum is of much interest for our coutry, as Italy is the second country of migration for our people and we would like to know the following:
1. Is this law in force for 2010?
2. Is the law covering only the dependent family members?
3. How can we find more details about the above in English (Russian, Romanian)

Lots of thanks,


Italy now has an estimated 4 million to 5 million immigrants — about 7 percent of the population. Since the expansion of the European Union, the most recent wave of migration has been from surrounding European nations, particularly Eastern Europe, and increasingly Asia, replacing North Africa as the major immigration area. Some 900,000 Romanians are officially registered as living in Italy, replacing Albanians (450,000) and Moroccans (405,000) as the largest ethnic minority group, but independent estimates put the actual number of Romanians at double that figure or perhaps even more. Others immigrants from Central-Eastern Europe are Ukrainians (200,000), Polish (100,000), Moldovans (90,000-100,000), Macedonians (81,000), Serbs (75,000), Bulgarians (54,000), Bosnians (40,000), Russians (39,600), Croatians (25,000), Slovakians (9,000), Hungarians (8,600). As of 2009, the foreign born population origin of Italy was subdivided as follows: Europe (53.5%), Africa (22.3%), Asia (15.8%), the Americas (8.1%) and Oceania (0.06%). The distribution of foreign born population is largely uneven in Italy: 87.3% of immigrants live in the northern and central parts of the country (the most economically developed areas), while only 12.8% live in the southern half of the peninsula. In 2008, net immigration to Italy was 438,000.