Regional Conference Tunis


The conference gathered over one hundred and thirty participants from over twenty countries, including representatives of governments from Europe and North Africa, officials from the European Commission, representatives from several international organizations, and various civil society organisations from both sides of the Mediterranean, active in the fields of migration and development.

Over the course of the conference, participants discussed and defined concrete ways in which civil society organizations – in partnerships with other relevant actors - can contribute to maximizing the positive impact of migration on development, while limiting its possible negative consequences. The thematic sessions provided participants with the opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices and to consider new partnerships in order to better coordinate and implement joint actions. Furthermore, in the spirit of shared responsibilities, the conference laid ground for future platforms that aim at establishing an open dialogue between governments and the civil society.

The report summarizes the multi-stakeholder discussions which focused on the current challenges faced by the economies and societies in North Africa and on practical solutions for promoting inclusive partnerships by drawing on a number of successful initiatives which had been presented during the conference. The key recommendations focus on the important role that North African diasporas can play particularly in labour related issues and addresses a number of core themes, which include:

- Labor matching for prospective and returned migrants; 

- Reintegration of returned migrants; 

- Job creation (especially for unemployed youngsters); 

- Local economic development; 

- EU’s Mobility Partnerships

The conference’s findings and recommendations feed into the generation of solid evidence for better migration and development planning and management and represent a useful contribution to the European Commission’s Dialogue on Migration, Mobility and Security, which has started with Tunisia and Morocco and should lead to the conclusion of Mobility Partnerships.

The report can be downloaded here

In addition to the report, the JMDI team has made available the below documentation:

- Presentations and Speeches delivered during the conference are available here

- Pictures of the conference can be accessed by clicking here

- Video that was screened during the opening of the ‘Setting the Scene’ session can be downloaded on the JMDI’s youtube channel here