Alors que j’attendais (While I was waiting) - theatre piece from Damascus


Wed, 10/12/2016 to Sat, 10/15/2016


Paris Festival d’Automne


Alors que j’attendais (While I was waiting) is a theatre piece from Damascus that is currently touring European festivals.

Most of us are trying to take our distance from what is happening in Syria because it is to terrible to deal with. Looking a bit more closely will tell us that the people whose lives are being destroyed and who are attempting to escape the horrors of war are exactly like us, with dreams, desires and unanswered questions.

This theatre piece takes us inside a Syrian family at the time that the revolution breaks out in 2011 - and shows us how it acts as a wake-up call for all of them. The play has already toured festivals in France, Germany and Switzerland and will next be presented at the Paris Festival d’Automne. 

Read a review of the theatre piece here and watch the trailer here.