Conference: Covid-19 and Systemic Resilience: What role for migrant workers?


Mon, 11/09/2020

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What role do migrant workers play in systematic resilience to COVID-19?

Migrants are essential members of our communities and directly contribute their skills and resources to the emergency and recovery phases of COVID-19. The upcoming online conference will explore how.

The conference provides an opportunity for a first discussion of key themes and priorities for a new research and policy agenda on migrants and systemic resilience, with a focus on food production, health services, and social care. It will discuss the implications of a concern with systemic resilience for how we assess the effects of labour migration and how we design migration policies and related public policies.

This online conference marks the launch of the “Migrants and Systemic Resilience Hub” (MigResHub), a joint initiative of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence and Migration Mobilities Bristol at the University of Bristol.

The primary aim of MigResHub is to facilitate research and policy debates on how migrant labour shapes the resilience of essential goods and services to the current Covid-19 pandemic and to similar shocks in the future. MigResHub aims to engage researchers and policy experts from different regions of the world, bringing together theories and insights from various academic disciplines, research literatures, and policy debates.

The conference is open to all but registration is required. Find out more about the conference, its schedule of events, and register here.