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Since 2008, the M4D Net Team has moderated a diverse and dynamic online M4D Community. This global network of migration and development practitioners brings together over 5,000 members from across regions.

The objective is to offer a space through which M&D practitioners generate collective knowledge, tap into each other’s experiences, and create partnerships. The contributions of the M4D Net members often support our efforts to feed evidence-based recommendations into policy-making.

You can do this by:

  • Chatting with other members
  • Launching queries on our online forum
  • Getting involved in a moderated e-discussion
  • Ask a key question to a member of our support unit

The voices of the Community are frequently reflected at major M&D events and its concerns and experiences contribute to develop specific knowledge tools. 

Search the database by key word, country or profession to find people you are interested in connecting with!

M4D Community

M4D Net Members

Over 5,000 members with diverse backgrounds and from across regions interact and provide each other with mutual support. They all have in common a strong interest and expertise in migration & development related issues and make up the M4D Net Community. Join the community!

M&D Networks & Organizations

Stakeholder engagement and strategic alliances are two necessary ingredients for the implementation of successful migration & development initiatives. This section puts at your disposal a list of organizations and networks active in the field of migration & development.





It seeks to establish dialogue on a specific migration and development topic between members. E-Discussions are ‘demand driven’, flexible and informal to ensure their relevance and usefulness to the day-to-day work of practitioners.

Support unit

Beyond the technical assistance provided by the M4D Team to the partners in the target countries, the M4D Net provides an online Support Unit for M4D Net members, regardless of their country or focus in the field of migration and development.
Our Team in Geneva, together with the Focal Points in our 11 target countries are dedicated to respond to any questions that you may have and connect you with other migration and development experts. 

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The M4D platform seeks to facilitate peer-to-peer support and give M4D Net members the opportunity to launch queries to the network.
By responding to a query, you are sharing knowledge that may be applied by others when faced with a similar problem.

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