Launch of an JMDI/IOM White Paper on Mainstreaming migration into local development planning and beyond

Oct 27, 2015
JMDI Focus area:
Migration and Local Economic Development
On the 26thOctober, 2015, within the framework of the IOM Conference on Migrants and Cities, the JMDI, jointly with IOM, launched the “White Paper on Mainstreaming Migration into Local Development Planning and Beyond” at a side event held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Building upon the increasing recognition of the positive contribution of migrants towards inclusive growth and sustainable development in the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, this study is the result of the JMDI and the IOM joint efforts to provide a thorough analysis of what has been done thus far in terms of mainstreaming migration at the local level to paint a global picture of working processes, lessons learnt and policy recommendations for future mainstreaming exercises.

Although mainstreaming processes are now mainly addressed at the national level, their translation and application at the local level is increasingly considered as a crucial aspect in view of maximizing the potential of migration for development. Indeed, several territories around the globe have initiated such coherence-building processes in the recent years, and therefore their experiences constitute a precious knowledge-base in terms of good practices and lessons learnt.

It is within this context that the White Paper was aimed at analysing and comparing different existing mainstreaming initiatives, synthetizing the main features of these, identifying the good practices and lessons learnt and providing a set of policy recommendations for a wide variety of stakeholders, including local and regional authorities. Moreover, the White Paper has consolidated the main migration mainstreaming processes at the local level into a visual aid that serves as a basis for further mainstreaming exercises. 

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