“Migration: Making the Move from Rural to Urban by Choice.”

Oct 16, 2017
Today, on World Food Day, the UN Migration (IOM) Director General William Lacy Swing released a statement entitled “Migration: Making the Move from Rural to Urban by Choice.”

In this statement, he begins by noting that “For the first time in history, more people live in cities than rural areas”; thereby calling for the impact of migration to be duly recognised in urban planning and development so that migrants, along with the cities in which they reside, can prosper. In addition, in relation to displacement, it is acknowledged that rural communities must be better prepared to prevent and deal with disasters so as to develop more resilient agricultural livelihoods. The IOM has therefore been strategically partnering with FAO to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable populations in rural areas. In sum, it is paramount that those who migrant are able to do so in choice.

Read the full statement here.