Mutual Support for Economic Empowerment (MUSE)

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Mutual Support for Economic Empowerment (MUSE)

Start date - End date

Wed, 09/30/2009 to Wed, 03/30/2011

Brief description of the initiative

This project will develop a replicable model for collective investment, entitled "MUSE"; mobilise financial and human resources for investment in social enterprise related activities; develop skills among partner organisations in managing social enterprise and micro-lending; and use remittances to invest in microfinance and healthcare social enterprises Nigeria.

Results and lessons learned

The project is starting implementation just now.



Key success or innovative factors

The project is starting implementation just now.

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JMDI, European Union

Partner country(ies)

United Kingdom

Main thematic areas

Diaspora engagement
Remittances and financial sector development

Focus area

Migrant Communities
Migrant Remittances
Migrant Capacities

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Other partners

- Edo State Women's Association (ESWA) - JMDI, European Union

Main objectives

MUSE is a mechanism for collective investment of remittances for the development of community programmes in Nigeria. The model is built on the principles of mutuality and self-help and will entail mobilising investment from Nigerian migrant organisations in the UK and then using this investment as collateral for leveraging further investment from ethical lenders in the UK. This aggregated investment will then be used to invest in the development of healthcare social enterprises and micro-credit in Nigeria.




Main activities

Main activities and beneficiaries: 10 Nigerian migrant organisations will be selected to participate in the UK; these will be expected to raise £20,000 as their investment, to which £80,000 will be added, raised as co-financing for social enterprises to be developed under MUSE; 5 social enterprises will be set up in the UK and 5 in Nigeria; 40 people between the 2 countries will be trained in social enterprise and micro-credit.

Main beneficiaries

Nigerian migrant organizations and migrants.

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