Other M&D projects





The Blue Birds labour migration pilot researches whether temporary labour migration can bring advantages to all concerned: migrants, the Dutch labour market and countries of origin. The pilot aims to identify advantages and disadvantages, constraints and risks to explore new ways to handle migration. The pilot is an initiative by the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, and Social Affairs & Employment. It is implemented by the HIT Foundation, Innovation Platform for Labour and Migration and will be evaluated by the World Bank.
The Project aims to raise the capacity of Local NGOs in Upper Egypt to implement sustainable development projects.
The project provided traumatised deported migrants with psychological support.
This Project mobilized migrant organizations and hometown associations in (1) maximizing the development potential of migration whilst (2) minimizing its social cost on migrants and the families left behind.
This project will facilitate the staffing and development of the Egyptian aquaculture and fisheries industries (ACF) through facilitating knowledge exchange and transfer from Egyptian expatriates working in the industry in Greece.
This Project has reduced poverty by increasing rural development and food security in Cape Verde through the mobilization of migrant's skills and professional technical institutions in Portugal. The project introduced the techniques of hydroponics and agro alimentary transformation in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde, using the skills of migrants and professional associations in Portugal.
The project aimed at promoting the fundamental rights of Sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco as a way to foster integration in the host (Moroccan) society and fight discrimination.