Promote the local development and the integration in the transnational space through microfinances and remittances

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Promote the local development and the integration in the transnational space through microfinances and remittances

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Tue, 07/01/2008

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Results and lessons learned

1. It was realized a study in depth about the remittances of the collective senegalese and its impact in development. 2. It has negociated with banks and has introduced the designed sending model. 3. It has designed a methodology for identifying, energizing, training and implementation of productive initiatives in Senegal. 4. Training courses have been running in Catalonia and Senegal with the entrepreneurs identified. 5. It have created new CAF (Communities of Financial Self-management) for the financial practice in Catalonia and Senegal. 6. It has been analized the possible expansion of the model. 7. It has been strengthened the senegalese mutua supporting their process of computerizacion informatización, the training of its employeers and customers and its expansion.

Key success or innovative factors

1. Importance to carry out a good diagnosis about the sending of remittances and the banking sector in Senegal. 2. Importance to communicate the project progress to the associations, thereby the beneficiaries of the project be conscious of the slowness of the project and not arous unrealistic expectations that exceed the expected outcomes. Major challenges overcome: 1. Improve the communication and participation in the project of the inmigrants associations and improve as well the internal communication within the associations. For this reason in the second phase we will work with the CASC. 2. It's a pilot project, as it develops we need to adapt it to the immigrants reality, this is why it has been necessary to adapt the activities planned in the project to the needs identified with the consequent flexibility for the financiers of the project. 3. It has seen the importance of coordinating productive initiatives that begin in the destination country, where the entrepreneur is the immigrant and the manager of the project will be the relative or friend in Senegal. To enable this coordination, in the second phase of the project it has been increased the team in the origin country. 4. The negotiation with the banking entities to achieve and improvement in the terms of sending (cost reduction, signing of new agreements between spanish and senegalese banking institutions) is affected by the current global financial crisis.




Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID)

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Main thematic areas

Remittances and financial sector development

Focus area

Migration and Local Economic Development

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Other partners

DGPOLDE, AECID, CASC, Associations counterpart en Senegal (ADESC, AJAC, AJAEDO), Association for Community Development (Comunities CAF), U-IMCEC (friendly society banking in Senegal)

Main objectives

Overall goal: To promote the local development of the communities of origin and their integration in the transnational space by means of the active participation of the immigrants together with their communities of origin through remittances and microfinance tools. Specific Objectives 1. to strengthen the capacities of migrants and their associations to promove the productive investment of remittances; 2. to encourage the impact of remittances on development, through the establishment of a model to reinforce the financial resources available to implement productive initiatives; 3. increasing the quality of life for the families receiving remittances - while the population in general- by means of the rise of opportunities resulting of the increasing of the capacities of self-management and a financial culture; 4. to promote the training, the innovation and the transfer of knowledge adquired in process that link remittances with development; 5. to strengthen the capacities of the local comunities to receive and manage remittances productively.



Main activities

The project REDEL focused on these activities: 1. Study about remittances - in Senegal and Catalonia: surveys and interviews to understand how the sending of money works. 2. Design of a circuit of remittances that provides investment in local development. It will be done through banks in Catalonia and with the mutua (friendly society) which work with us in Casamance (U-IMCEC). 3. Creation of CAF to boost financial practice in Catalonia and Senegal. The Comunnities of Financial Self-management (CAF) are small groups where the members, between 10 and 30 people usually bring small amounts of money that enables them to become shareholders of the CAF. 4. Training and technical support in launching Business Plan for people who want to start a business in Casamance.

Main beneficiaries

In Senegal: in Oussouye Department 5 rural communities were involved, in Kolda other 5 rural communities and in Vélingara 4. The direct beneficiaries would be 5.000 people approximately. The Senegalese community resident in Catalonia, and the population of their origin communities. In Catalonia the work is with 13 associations integrated by 1.000 immigrants senegaleses approximately. The spreading of the project is performed by the CASC (Coordinator of Senegaleses Associations in Catalonia), of whom are members 37 senegaleses associations with 5.600 people.

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