Strengthening, Upscaling and Mainstreaming International Migration and Development in Calabarzon (SUMMID CALABARZON)

Short title

SUMMID Calabarzon (Philippines)

Start date - End date

Tue, 04/15/2014 to Sun, 02/14/2016

Brief description of the initiative

SUMMID Calabarzon aims to strengthen, upscale and mainstream migration into local development plans through inclusive and sustainable programmes that will minimize social cost and maximize the gains of overseas migration.

Results and lessons learned

Establishment of 3 Provincial Migration Resource Centers out of 5 provinces; Inclusion of migration and development in 3 provincial development plans; Provincial government based projects and services for migrants and their families






European Union and Swiss Development Cooperation

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Main thematic areas

Diaspora engagement

Focus area

Reinforcing capacities of senders and recipients to further the impact of remittances on development
Encouraging collective investment of remittances for development in countries of origin
Addressing the main hindrances limiting the impact of remittances on development: cost and access

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Regional Director, NEDA Regional Office IV-A

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Other partners

Regional Development Council IV-A (RDC IV-A) c/o National Economic and Development Authority Regional Office IV-A with partners: (1) Atikha Overseas Workers and Communities Initiatives Inc. (2) Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO) (3) Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP) (4) Local Government Academy (LGA)

Main objectives

Specific Objectives

1. To develop and institutionalize the development framework in mainstreaming migration into the subnational/local development planning in the identified project areas;

2. To develop a unified and disaggregated M&D database in the region for better targeting and identification of appropriate interventions;

3. To reinforce convergence initiatives, develop engagement models and knowledge products, and strengthen capacities of local government units, NGOs, migrant organizations, private sector in establishing operational migration resource centers and providing comprehensive social and economic gender-sensitive programs to minimize the social cost and maximize the gains of migration;

4. To enhance the engagement of OFs and their families in the mobilization of migrant resources through various initiatives locally and overseas to promote investment and entrepreneurship to create jobs and economic opportunities.



Main activities

Preparation of a framework on mainstreaming migration into the regional development plan;

Databanking and survey on overseas Filipinos;

Establishing M&D Councils and Centers;

Capacity building and training;

Implementing projects that will minimize costs of migration;

Enhancing engagements of overseas Filipinos for local economic activities, investments and entrepreneurship.

Main beneficiaries

a. Five provinces in Region IV-A and top five sending cities/municipalities per province that will benefit from the various capacity building and trainings

b. Approximately 1,000 migrants and their families in Region IV-A and other migrants in major destination countries who will benefit from the investment and financial education course and will be provided with additional information and options for economic activities

c. Members of CMD (with at least 15 participating regional, provincial and local agencies) who will benefit from the capacity building and trainings

d. Approximately 4 NGOs and 10 private sector groups involved in M&D initiatives such as the chambers of commerce, microfinance groups, cooperatives, remittance agents, banks, etc.

e. Members of the community who will benefit from jobs and economic opportunities provided by resources of overseas Filipinos.

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