M4D Resources

Here you can find tools, publications and reports produced under the programme based on the lessons learnt from our work and aimed at helping you in your M&D endeavours. For ease, these have been separated into these main categories.

General M&D Resources

General M&D Resources highlight the links between migration & development in general and how migration can be better governed to support development.

Local-National Policy Coherence

Local-National Policy Coherence section contains specific tools to ensure vertical coherence and empower local and regional authorities in their key role

Cross-Sectoral Policy Coherence

Sectoral Policy Coherence section features unique tools on how to mainstream migration national or local policy planning for horizontal policy coherence.

Thematic Resources

Thematic Resources propose tools and case studies on thematic issues linked to migration & development. Themes include: diaspora engagement, social inclusion, economic inclusion, etc.

Training Tools

Training Tools have been developed under the programme to assist in building the capacity and expertise of the wide range of actors involved in the field of migration & development.

M4D Library

This repository collects the latest findings in the field of M&D with a view to filling potential knowledge gaps and move the M&D agenda forward through evidence-based research.