The LGU Guide to Mainstreaming Migration in Local Development Planning and Governance

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The M&D Mainstreaming Guide primarily aims to help the local governments of CALABARZON (Laguna, Batangas, Cavite, Rizal and Quezon) in integrating M&D into their local planning, and provide them with a sample menu of services that their localities can provide for the migrants and their families. It will also provide pertinent information on international migration, issues of migrants and the national government agencies involved in M&D initiatives so the LGUs could link up with them. It will serve as practical reference to essential steps in building local institutional capacities and working towards a multi-sector engagement.

Individuals who decide to migrate often make the decision to do so are influenced by the situation at home and in their communities. Local authorities, through plans, policies, programs, services and activities, are in the best position to influence the situation closer to the ground. They are in a position to create the environment that will serve as a push factor for migration due to lack of gainful employment opportunities or opportunities for self-development or as a pull-factor for economic reintegration and investments coming from returned migrants.

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  • Migration and national development plans

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Migration and Local Governance

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