Migration Policy Practice, Vol. V, Number 3

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This new issue of Migration Policy Practice focuses on the migration challenges facing the countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It is often said that no country can manage migration successfully alone, as migration inevitably involves a relationship between at least two States. The Arab region hosts more than 30 million international migrants, and migration has an important impact on the development of these countries. The Arab countries are estimated to have received more than USD 53 billion in remittances in 2014. 

  1. The first article in this issue, by Enas El Fergany from the League of Arab States (LAS), addresses the important topic of how to promote regional migration cooperation in the Arab region.
  2. The second article in this issue, by Charef Mohamed, focuses on migration policy changes in Morocco. The article explains how Morocco has developed a new migration policy and highlights how the country has become an important destination.
  3. The third article in this issue – by Michael Collyer, Bashair Ahmed, Markus Breines, Vanessa Iaria and Elisa Pascucci – questions the validity of using the concept of “root causes”.
  4. The fourth article in this issue, by Agnes Tillinac, discusses the subject of human trafficking in the MENA region. The article presents new data on trafficking based on research conducted in 2014 in Iraq, Libya and Syrian Arab Republic.
  5. The last article in this issue, by Steve Thorpe, presents an innovative new project – the Mixed Migration Hub (Mhub)

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