School Based Program in Addressing Social Cost of Migration and Setting Up Batang Atikha Youth Savers Club

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Romlowel Villanueva, a son of a seafarer shared that the reason why he joined the Batang Atikha Savers Club  ( BASC  youth savers club) was because his friends were members but he realized as he participated in the various workshops and play shops that it made him a better person. The various activities of BASC served as eye opener for him  to realize the hardships that his father is going through as a seafarer. His savings also was able to help his family pay their monthly due for the house  when the remittance of his father was delayed. “Dapat po ay mahalin nila ang kanilang mga magulang dahil sakripisyo talaga ang magtrabaho sa abroad, hindi ito madali  dahil malalayo sila sa kanilang pamilya pero ginagawa pa rin nila para sa kinabukasan namin. They ( children of migrants) have to love their parents because working abroad is a lot of sacrifice and it is not easy since they are far from their loved ones, and our parents are doing this for our future)”, was Romlowel’s advise to other children of migrants and seafarers.

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