TRAINING - Mainstreaming Migration into Policy Development


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The UN Joint Programme on Mainstreaming Migration into National Development Strategies jointly led by the United Nations Development Programme and the UN Migration Agency partnered with the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC/ILO) to develop this online training material on "Mainstreaming Migration into Policy Development".

Because the Migration & Development nexus is multifaceted and multilevel, it is important to integrate migration into policy planning and therefore promote policy coherence in the field of M&D. To guide you through the different mechanisms involved in establishing mechanisms aiming to do that, this training course is build in the following blocks:

1) An introductory block setting the scene of mainstreaming migration into development policies, with the objectives of understanding the multifaceted nature of the M&D nexus, approaching the linkages between migration and other policy areas, and contextualizing the mainstreaming approach at the local and national level.

2) An operational block on mainstreaming mechanisms and processes, that will tackle mainstreaming migration into policy development step-by-step, monitoring and evaluation policies and processes, institutionalizing the knowledge base on migration and developing a capacity building strategy.

3) A policy coherence block on coordination frameworks for M&D, which aims at discussing the coordination of UN agencies in the framework of M&D, understanding the place of migration within the SDGs and exploring the importance of vertical policy coherence among local and national actors.

4) A Networking block for sharing your experiences and challenges, to discuss in-depth some particular issues proposed by previous participants, foster dialogue and sharing experiences among peers and establish a community of practice in view of strengthening the contribution of the M4D Net in global discourse.


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