White Paper - mainstreaming migration into local development planning and beyond

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The Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) and International Organization for Migration (IOM) have joined forces and expertise to carry out a study entitled “Mainstreaming Migration into Local Development Planning and Beyond,” which aims to provide a thorough analysis of what has been done thus far in terms of mainstreaming migration at the local level and allows for a stock-taking of functioning practices to paint a global picture of working processes, lessons learned and policy recommendations for future mainstreaming exercises.

The importance of local authorities in developing and implementing migration and development (M&D) policies and initiatives, as well as in driving integration processes, is increasingly recognized at the global level. At the same time, the process of integrating migration within policy design and planning, known as the “mainstreaming” process, is increasingly perceived as key in addressing issues related to migration as well as in building on all the opportunities associated
with it. This process is based on the recognition of the wide range of policy areas that affect and are affected by migration, and on the subsequent building of coherence among concerned policies and actors.

Although mainstreaming processes are now mainly addressed at the national level, their translation and application at the local level is increasingly considered a crucial aspect of maximizing the potential of migration for development. Indeed, several territories around the globe have initiated such coherence-building processes in the recent years, and therefore their experiences constitute a precious knowledge-base of good practices and lessons learned. It is within this context that the White Paper analyses and compares different existing mainstreaming initiatives, synthetizing their main features, identifying good practices and key lessons and providing a set of policy recommendations for a wide variety of stakeholders, including local and regional authorities. Moreover, the White Paper has consolidated the main migration mainstreaming processes at the local level into a visual aid that serves as a basis for further mainstreaming exercises.

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