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General M&D Resources highlight the links between migration & development in general and how migration can be better governed to support development.

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Jan 01, 2009
Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and development Migration, both within and beyond borders, has become an increasingly prominent theme in domestic and international debates, and is the topic of the 2009 Human Development Report (HDR09). The starting point is that the global distribution...
Apr 01, 2006
Description This paper is intended to guide policymakers through challenges posed by migration and development. It is intended to be an accessible guide to the policy implications drawn from the burgeoning literature on migration and development. Its primary aim is to further the important...
Jul 01, 2002
Description The Migration Research Series (MRS) presents the findings of research projects managed by IOM’s Research Unit in Geneva, and studies prepared by IOM staff and its field offices. The series is designed to bring the results of policy-relevant migration research to the attention of...