Why do we think development will stop migration?


Why do we think development will stop migration?

"We're going to realise very soon that building walls is utterly ineffective, and – definitely with development aid – we should be aiming at something completely different" - Programme Manager of the UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative, Cécile Riallant.

At the 9th Global Forum on Migration and Development Summit, which took place in December of 2016 in Dhaka (Bangladesh), Cameron Thibos, a former research associate at the Migration Policy Centre of the European University Institute in Florence, interviewed Ms. Riallant for OpenDemocracy. The purpose of this interview is to address the complex relationship between migration and development. 

In this interview, Ms. Riallant emphasises the need to establish proper partnerships with migrant sending countries, as well as to prepare migrants for integration into the societies of destination. Ms. Riallant finds this to be important in order to ensure that migration benefits both countries of origin and destination, and highlights the key role of cities and local and regional authorities in this endeavor.

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