QUERY: Migrants’ Capacities for the Moldovan Health System Development


We are now in the middle of our JMDI project “Migrants’ Capacities for the Moldovan Health System Development” and are very happy to see that the core idea of the project to harness the potential of the Moldovan medical diaspora for the development of the Moldovan health system could be really very well explored. With the help of Moldovan migrants we have been able to identify a series of new project ideas for the development of various medical sectors in Moldova. Many of these ideas are already presented in the form of concept notes for project proposals. Recently we have submitted a project to the German Service for Academic Exchange (DAAD) within its special program for academic cooperation in the field of medicine. This particular project has been developed in cooperation with Professor Minodora Mazur (a member of our project team in Chisinau). It has to do with the modernization of the curriculum and better medical care in the field of rheumatology in Moldova and involves two partner institutions from Germany (Prof. Dr. Sawa Kostin and Dr. Serghei Cebotari) where representatives of the Moldovan medical Diaspora are working.

At the moment we are working with the representatives of the donor community in order to identify funding opportunities for the other project ideas and concepts developed in cooperation with the Moldovan migrants within our project “Migrants’ Capacities for the Moldovan Health System Development”. We would be very thankful for any ideas on new calls for applications in the fields of health, academic migration and brain circulation and look forward to any feedback in this respect.