Other M&D Actors and Networks


The JMDI is implemented in partnership with civil society and other local actors (chambers of commerce, private sector, universities etc.) to ensure that the initiatives are far-reaching in terms of impact, population outreach and sustainability. It is important for the JMDI to connect these actors with each other and facilitate networking opportunities between them.

This page includes a list of platforms set up by diaspora organizations in different regions and countries and seeks to support the M4D Net members in easily identifying existing networks for partnership building and networking. Local authorities are encouraged to use this page for their outreach to and communication with their diaspora and migrant communities. Migrant associations and other civil society organizations can benefit from the below list in order to improve coordination, communication and cooperation among diaspora groups and other development actors. Some of the platforms listed in this section are part of other programmes implemented by the United Nations and other International Organizations which focus on issues related to migration and development. 

The following organizations are working on issues related to local authorities' involvement in Migration and Development: