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Being a multifaceted phenomenon, migration requires practitioners and policy-makers who also link the topic to local development, to regularly access knowledge that supports them in their day-to-day work and that fills potential knowledge gaps through practical examples from across regions.

JMDI’s Knowledge Products represent the direct results of our work with beneficiaries and partners and benefit from the knowledge that stems from the inter-agency nature of the programme. The products target practitioners and policy-makers alike, are disseminated on a global scale and seek to further build on our evidence-based findings to move the migration and development agenda ahead. 

These knowledge products include the various Training Tools created by the JMDI, blogs, e-discussions, newsletters, updates and information on the JMDI target countries, reports and more. Browsing this section, you will therefore find a wide range of products that keep you up to date on key M&D issues, current M&D dialogue, initiatives, concepts and more.

In a spirit of knowledge sharing, we also encourage you to share your knowledge products with us by writing a blog, sending us an article or by participating in our e-discussions

To keep the JMDI Community of Practice up to date on the progress made at the global level, this section provides you with JMDI main reports and key documents that outline our work. If you have any suggestions or comments, we would like to hear from you so leave a comment on one of our reports or contact us directly here. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LOG-IN TO HAVE FULL ACCESS TO THE JMDI REPORTS.