Case Study #4: Integrating migration into decentralized cooperation dynamics

Country: Tunisia

Main thematic area: Partnerships for effective migration management

Key words: Migrants' association, Local authorities, Transnational approach (double-space)

This case study is based on a project supported by the JMDI in Tunisia and highlights the added value of the integration of mobility issues to decentralized cooperation relations.

Local authorities now have the opportunity to be involved in partnerships for development cooperation - which was traditionally the responsibility of States only - through partnerships of decentralized cooperation. Decentralized cooperation is defined as "an activity of international cooperation carried out in partnership with two or more local or regional authorities and their sectoral branches". These partnerships make it possible to highlight the competences of local authorities and make then visible as actors of the development, but also capitalize on their close relationship with the territory to better plan development.

It is particularly interesting that such partnerships integrate migration issues because migrants from the same regions tend to concentrate in the same destination regions, thus they create connections between the territories. Integrating the phenomenon of mobility into decentralized cooperation partnerships makes it possible to take into account this dual territorial registration of migrants and to foster the dynamics of co-development in order to bring migrants' territories of origin and destination closer together. This case studies from Tunisia illustrates how migration can be integrated to decentralized cooperation relations.

To learn more about Tunisia, consult the country profile of Tunisia. To learn more about this project, visit the project page.

Access the full case study here (available in French, will be available in English and Spanish soon).


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