Date de publication: nov 02, 2009
Date de publication: nov 02, 2009

How are migration and development linked in your view?

Date de publication: oct 31, 2009

Leila Rispens-Noel, member of the JMDI Migrant Advisory Board and civil society expert for microfinance, remittances, migration and development Leila speaks as a high-profile member of the diaspora about her experience with the migration- development nexus and talks about cooperation with and the different structures of migrant diaspora associations.

Date de publication: oct 28, 2009

Jeni Klugman, Director and Lead-Author of the Human Development Report (HDR) at UNDP discusses the links between Migration and Human Development, on the occasion of the latest HDR 2009 on the theme: 'Overcoming barriers: Human mobility and development'.