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It is with great pride that we inform you that we have reached the end of a very successful second phase of the UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) as of November 30, 2017.  This initiative led by UNDP and implemented in close partnership with IOM, ITC-ILO, UN Women, UNHCR, UNITAR, and UNFPA has successfully engaged the UN system with vital actors in the field of migration and development, such as civil society organisations, cities and local authorities, academia, diaspora associations and more. Let us say a BIG THANK YOU for joining us and being part of this community which has accompanied us throughout the JMDI. You have brought wonderful insight into our e-discussions, dialogue and more! 

What does this mean for me as a member? 

While the programme itself will end, you, our much-appreciated community of over 4,700 members that joined the M4D Net will be able to continue to benefit from this network as we transition the M4D Net into a true hub for all things migration and development. The website and domain will stay the same so there is nothing you need to do except continue to enjoy its services and watch this space for more! 

What will happen to efforts to promote the local dimension of migration? 

Please rest assured that this will continue throughout the work of the various UN partner agencies involved in the JMDI and beyond. Specifically, it is envisaged that the tools and experience of the JMDI and the local dimension of migration and development will be fed into the third phase of another UNDP-IOM Global Programme entitled ‘Mainstreaming Migration into National Development Strategies’ also funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. This is planned to kick start in February 2018 with a focus on mainstreaming efforts at both national and local levels for enhanced vertical policy coherence in migration and development. We will keep you updated on all of this through the usual channels via the website, emails and Social Media. 

What have been the main results of the JMDI? 

The JMDI successfully:

1. Enhanced development impact of selected initiatives through up-scaling and capacity building

2. Promoted the institutionalization of migration into local and national development plans for sustainability 

3. Plugged local authorities, their expertise and the experience and tools of the JMDI into international dialogues for strengthened recognition of the key role of LRAs in M&D

It is worth noting that the key role of local authorities in governing migration for development has been recognised in:

And the JMDI has also been a main driving force behind the Mayoral Forum on Human Mobility, Migration and Development which is the annual City-led dialogue on migration and development, supported by local, regional and international partners. 

What about the JMDI tools and lessons learnt? 

Don’t worry – the JMDI has left behind a legacy of strategic tools, knowledge products and guidelines that will continue to support the work of the UN agencies and more in assisting local and national governments better govern migration for development. All of this will continue to be available on the M4D Net but here are the highlights for you below including three of our newest products! Please do not hesitate to share with your contacts and communities. 


Major JMDI publications 

Guidelines on Integrating Migration into Decentralised Cooperation

This set of guidelines is a unique and unprecedented tool that walks interested local and regional authorities through the necessary steps to establish migration- related decentralised cooperation relationships. Decentralised cooperation can be considered as an international development cooperation activity carried out in partnership between two or more local or regional governments. The guidelines first outline the added value of migration- related decentralised cooperation and then describe, with examples of good practices, how to harness the development potential of migration within such partnerships. These steps are broken down into: (i) What can be done at the institutional level to establish decentralised cooperation partnerships around migration; (ii) What kinds of joint actions and initiatives can be done at the sectoral level; (iii) What financial and human resources are needed and how to ensure these; (iv) How to tap into the potential of decentralised cooperation for knowledge sharing and capacity building; (v) and ends with a set of overall recommendations. 

Download it here. 


Guidelines on Mainstreaming Migration into Local Development Planning

The Guidelines on Mainstreaming Migration into Local Development Planning are a user-friendly and simple tool developed to help local and regional authorities enhance their efforts to mainstream migration into all governance areas for enhanced policy coherence in migration and development. It achieves this through a set of indicators that show how migration and development-related policies interact across a non- exhaustive variety of sectors complete with examples of good practices and useful tools, handbooks and training materials. 

Download it here.


Success Stories

This series of case studies on good practices, lessons learnt and recommendations builds on the results and lessons learnt from the JMDI supported projects. These are evidence-based and can serve to guide other local and regional authorities in implementing similar initiatives.

For ease, the JMDI has characterised these case studies into five digestible main themes as outlined below:

  • Social inclusion
  • Economic inclusion
  • Engaging diaspora for development
  • Mainstreaming migration into local development planning Partnerships for effective migration governance 

Download it here.


White Paper on Mainstreaming Migration into Local Development Planning and Beyond

The JMDI, jointly with IOM, embarked on this study to analyse what has been done to mainstream migration into local development planning thus far and on a global scale, including various JMDI projects and other locally led migration and development initiatives. This allowed the JMDI and IOM to take stock of functioning practices and lessons learnt, as well as identify the similarities/differences between the mainstreaming processes applied in different local settings around the globe. 

Download it here. 


Global Civil Society Consultation on Migration and Local Development: A Synthesis Report in the context of the 3rd Global Mayoral Forum on Human Mobility, Migration and Development

This report was written and presented during a special session dedicated to the role of civil society in supporting cities in harnessing the potential of migration for local development at the 3rd Global Mayoral Forum on Human Mobility, Migration and Development hosted by Quezon City, Philippines in 2016. The report is the culmination of three consultation processes carried out in preparation to the Forum by the JMDI together with its partners UNITAR, IOM, KNOMAD of the World Bank and the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, in close cooperation with the civil society organization Global Coalition on Migration and Migrant Forum in Asia. 

Download it here.


My JMDI Toolbox and e-Toolbox

The Toolbox is a training material developed by the JMDI and elaborated by JMDI partners the IOM and the ITC-ILO, in close cooperation with UNDP, as part of the capacity building component of the programme, which aims to maximise the potential of migration for local development through the delivery of targeted support to local authorities and non-state actors. This Toolbox was turned into an online, self-guided, e-learning course, developed by ITC-ILO. 

Download it here. 


Finally, stay in touch! We will be sticking around and we hope you will be too. We look forward to continuing our collaboration as we move forward.

Please note that the Programme Manager of the JMDI, Cecile Riallant, is now taking up her new role with IOM Geneva as Senior Specialist in Migration and Development and is reachable at criallant@iom.int. In addition, the JMDI Knowledge Management Expert, Joanne Irvine, will take up her new post as Programme Officer in IOM Geneva and is reachable at jirvine@iom.int.

With best regards,

The JMDI Team