Talentism and “The Mobility”: New Capitalism or Old Feudalism?


jeu, 03/22/2018

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Title Talentism and “The Mobility”: New Capitalism or Old Feudalism?

Date March 22, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.

Location Villa Malafrasca, Florence


The Migration Policy Centre will host a research seminar with David Kyle, Associate Professor at the UC Davis. The talk aims to focus attention on the shared ideological undercurrents of Social Darwinism and a much older “talentism” as the belief in the innate potential of individual minds distributed unequally across the population.

Talentism refers to the replacement of financial capital by human talent as the most important factor of production. The notion is expressed in many policy arenas and merit-based management regimes, including one of the least controversial features of immigration policies across destination countries. Yet, selecting on talent may easily be repurposed to fit agendas shaped on a thinly-veiled racism.

What do we want for the 21st century? A stock talent recruitment strategy for individuals with potential, or an innovative post-Eugenics message with no need to actually mention better breeding?

To attend the seminar, you may register here.