Maximizing Diaspora Engagement: Ensuring Sustainability


jeu, 06/17/2021

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Participation de la diaspora

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In 2020, iDiaspora coordinated three global exchanges with members of the diaspora responding to the pandemic. Through these virtual dialogues, different actors involved in the development of diasporic initiatives in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia were able to learn and share relevant experience to better include their members when responding to the global health crisis.

These events convened nearly 300 stakeholders including diaspora leaders, policymakers, academics and social workers interested in learning more about how diasporas responded to the COVID-19. These three global events contributed to the better understanding of diaspora engagement on three different levels. First, as a result of these events, it was possible to identify the different ways that transnational communities responded to the global pandemic through prevention, protection, relief, and recovery interventions. Second, during these sessions, participants shared a set of good practices in diaspora engagement based on connections, partnerships, and self-empowerment. Finally, through these discussions, participants were able to identify synergies and concrete collaboration opportunities. A key example was the foundation of the Global Diaspora Confederation, the world’s largest diaspora-led civic society organization to bring together diaspora organizations from across the world.

Although there are relevant global actors and important initiatives emerging to accelerate diaspora’s contributions to their homelands and hostlands, there are common challenges faced by stakeholders such as the lack of trust, difficulties regarding fundraising and the sustainability of initiatives in the long-term, preventing diasporas to reach their full potential and the establishment of more collaborative and successful environments for diaspora global engagement.

The 2021 Global Exchanges aim to gather experts on these topics to provide information on how to overcome common challenges faced by stakeholders engaging in transnational initiatives. By providing concrete strategies on how to build trustworthy relationships, find resources and funding and develop long-term strategies, stakeholders will be able to boost their transnational initiatives.

The third Global Exchange will focus on ensuring sustainability of diaspora engagement initiatives. The purpose of this event is to analyze best practices on how to ensure long-term viability of diaspora engagement initiatives and programmes. 

Online simultaneous interpretation in Spanish and French will be available for the event.

Discussions will be centred around the following questions:

  • Why is it important to consider a long-term perspective in the development and design of diaspora engagement initiatives?
  • What are the main challenges faced by practitioners working on diaspora engagement in ensuring the sustainability of their initiatives? How is it possible to overcome these challenges?
  • What are the key elements that you have considered in designing diaspora engagement initiatives to ensure their long-term sustainability?
  • How can diaspora leaders and networks maximize their long-term collaboration and synergies?