COVID-19 Impacts on Migrant Economic Contributions: IOM Brief

The socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 in the context of migration have drawn a lot of attention since the start of the pandemic. This has included falling remittances, rising inequalities, broken livelihoods, and interrupted labour migration pathways. This IOM brief complements such discussions by presenting the variety of forms in which migrants and diaspora contribute economically to communities in countries of origin and destination, focussing on remittances, labour force participation, entrepreneurship, and trade.

Recent data shows the devastaing impact of COVID-19 on sustainable development, threatening to undo much of our progress and hinder our achieving of the 2030 Agenda. From remittances, labour force and entrepreneurship and trade, the pandemic has multifaceted and complex consequences. 

This brief by Ms. Deepali Fernandes, Senior Migration and Economic Development Specialist, labour Mobility and Humann Development Divison at IOM provides concrete and practical recommendations to support, facilitate and leverage the many economic contributions of migrants and displaced people. 

Read the brief here