Case Study: Migration in a UN Common Country Analysis (CCA): Republic of Moldova

A young girl in a red skirt running towards a house

The 2020 UN Common Country Analysis (CCA) for the Republic of Moldova (referred to for the remainder as Moldova) effectively integrates migration considerations both with attention to migrant vulnerabilities in the leave no one behind analysis, as well as the specific contributions migrants make to sustainable development in Moldova.

The CCA centres migration in its initial description of Moldova’s development challenges (e.g. population loss, brain drain), with the crucial need to better leverage migrant remittances also noted. In addressing COVID-19, the CCA highlights the potential of returning migrants and partnerships with the diaspora to support socio-economic recovery.

Moldova’s Migration Task Force, its national UN Network on Migration, strongly advocates for mainstreaming migration across the CCA process by bringing in experts and applying global tools to their country context.