Integrating migration into urban planning



This project occured under the Mainstreaming Migration into International Cooperation and Development (MMICD) project, implemented by IOM and funded by DG-INTPA. Learn about MMICD here.

Key objective

Support the Ministry of Territorial Planning and Public Works (MATP) to integrate migration into the development of Guiding Urban Plans (PUDis) in line with the MMICD guidelines and tools.  

Main activities

This technical assistance (TA) focused on integrating migration into the urban development plan of the Commune of Ambavalao. IOM worked with the Ministry of Territorial Planning and Public Works (MATP) to develop an understanding of the linkages between migration and urban development. IOM and the Ministry then engaged the Commune of Ambavalao – an urban locality which identified significant internal migration flows and which expressed an interest in developing a new urban development plan. A consultant and a service provider were contracted to develop the urban development plan, which included analysing the local migration situation and developing a full Guiding Urban Plan (PUDi).

To address the needs identified, the consultant developed a local methodological guide to support other local authorities and Government technicians to develop a Guiding Urban Plan (PUDi) and other urban planning documents which integrate migration. The service provider then used the methodological guide to develop Ambavalao’s PUDi. This involved considering the migration linkages with urban development in the diagnostic phase (mainly in relation to internal migration) before integrating these linkages into the final PUDi.

Key successes or innovative factors, good practices and lessons learned (if available)

  • Mainstreamed migration at the local policy level in one commune. 
  • Mentioned migration and migrants throughout Ambavalao’s 15-year PUDi. Migration is outlined in the Plan’s context and principles, with references to how migration relates to urban zoning and restructuring. 
  • Allotted a budget of 47,000 EUR to migration in the PUDi’s five-year investment plan, with specific migration project ideas noted.
  • Developed a recognition among stakeholders of how the relocation of the city’s cattle market would impact migrants and migration, with planning adjusted accordingly.
  • Engaged migrants in the process of developing the urban plan.


  • Ministry of Territorial Planning and Public Works (MATP)
  • Commune of Ambavalao 

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