A model for improving the competencies of unemployed youth in order to mitigate the negative consequences of migration, Ivanjica

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The majority of unemployed persons in the small municipality of Ivanjica are young people who eventually migrate to larger cities and other countries for work. High unemployment rates are linked to insufficient programmes for young people in the field of employment, limited vacancies available for the youth, insufficient knowledge of employable skills, lack of career counselling and guidance for young people, limited opportunities for employment or self-employment, and the general disconnect with current labour market needs.

As part of the IOM-UNDP Global Programme on Making Migration Work for Sustainable Development, the project establish and develop a sustainable “model for improving the competencies of unemployed youth” based on their personal skills and preferences and the needs of employers in the market. In collaboration with the Youth Office which is mandated to support livelihoods and youth employment in the municipality, the implementation of this model will further promote employability, employment and self-employment of youth through programmes and training, all in order to mitigate negative migration consequences.

Objetivo clave

The main objective of the proposed project is to contribute to improving the socio-economic wellbeing of the local community, including internal migrants, and particularly young unemployed people in the municipality of Ivanjica, by developing a model for improving the competencies of unemployed youth in accordance with their needs and the needs of employers". This project will further promote employability, employment and self-employment of young people, through programmes and trainings it offers, all in order to mitigate negative migration consequences.

Principales actividades

  • Conducting analysis of the needs of unemployed youth in the municipality, existing labour market needs and the needs of young people for self-employment;
  • Organizing training to improve job search skills, gain specific competencies and support self-employment of the youth, incl. experience sharing for young entrepreneurs;
  • Conducting training for the officials of Youth Office on providing counselling, guidance and awareness raising support to the unemployed youth;
  • Based on the results of implementation, developing a model on improving the competencies of unemployed youth (incl. the guidance manual and action plan).


The target group are internal migrants (young men and women, 15-30 years old)  from the territory of the Municipality of Ivanjica. including members of vulnerable groups (young Roma men and women, young people with disabilities, socially vulnerable young people as well as young people from the rural area of the municipality). Approximately 850 direct project beneficiaries are targeted, while gender parity is upheld.

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