Sarah Doyel

Sarah Doyel
Job title
Capacity Development Consultant
Main areas of work

Sarah Doyel joined IOM Migration and Sustainable Development in 2021. As a capacity development consultant, she supports the Migration and Sustainable Development team's portfolio on the Global Compact for Migration, developing guidance and training governments, UN country teams and other stakeholders to support GCM implementation. Previously as an intern with the Migration and Sustainable Development team, Sarah also supported the Global Programme on Making Migration Work for Sustainable Development (M4SD), an 11-country programme supporting migration and development initiatives with an emphasis on the local level.  

Previous experience

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs from Occidental College in Los Angeles, California and a master’s degree in International Migration and Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). While at LSE, she worked as a consulting researcher for Student Action for Refugees and served as Editor-in-Chief of LSE’s global affairs magazine, The London Globalist. Sarah also developed and published original research with the Charter Cities Institute on alternatives to encampment and socioeconomic rights for refugees. Her master’s dissertation engaged a critical narrative analysis of policy arguments for refugee self-reliance in Uganda. Previously, Sarah worked at an anti-trafficking NGO and a medical-legal partnership in Washington, DC, where she managed a program facilitating access to social and legal services for LGBTIQ+ migrants and asylum seekers and individuals living with HIV. She is fluent in English and Spanish and proficient in French.

Thematic interests
  • Migrants' social and economic rights and freedoms
  • Migration policy and the politics of human rights
  • Mixed migration and forced displacement
  • Grassroots organizing and migrant/refugee-led organizations (RLOs)