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In 1997, the Munich City Council set up the Office for Repatriation Assistance and since then over 12,000 refugees and asylum seekers have been given support by the Social Services Department to resettle in their home countries.
Promotion de l’entreprenariat a Dakar E-Diaspora, l’agence de la ville de Dakar pour ce qui est de la promotion de l’entreprenariat s’etablit a Dakar en 2010 en tant que premiere agence indépendante de promotion de la microfinance et centre de services pour structures évoluant dans l’industrie de la mobilité international. Aujourd’hui considere comme une success story en termes de financement de l’innovation sur base compétitive en Afrique de l’Ouest. E-Diaspora est un concept du Programme National de Mobilisation de l’expertise de la Diaspora et s’inscrit dans la logique de la...
Le Programme d'Appui aux Initiatives de Développement Local (PAIDEL) a été concu par le GRDR pour répondre aux sollicitations des élus et des acteurs locaux. L'Enjeu était d'accompagner les politiques de décentralisation récentes en Mauritanie, au Mali et au Sénégal. A travers des processus de développement local, les acteurs locaux, publics et privés et les ressortissants participent activement à la conception, à la mise en place et au suivi de stratégies de développement portées par les collectivités locales. Le programme mène parallèlement des actions en France de manière à appuyer...
As a result of a survey amongst Serbian migrants in Germany, GTZ found out that neither do banks in Serbia target their potential diaspora customers specifically nor do the migrants have information about the banks' offerings. GIZ brought Serbian banks and other stakeholders into dialogue with Serbian migrant organisations and started a financial literacy campaign via a Serbian diaspora newspaper.
More than 30% of qualified Hondurans emigrate but they often do not lose track to their origin country. Some of these emigrants with excellent reputation due to their extraordinary achievements founded a network called “Honduras Global” in which they systematically organize a knowledge transfer back to Honduras. With support from the Honduran government, the private sector, foundations and GIZ, the network organizes mentoring, summer schools and Networking as well as fundraising for start-ups.
The webpage compares fees of banks, money transfer operators and other financial institutions for money transfers abroad, particularly into the origin countries of migrants. The database contains 33 countries all around the world. Besides the comparison service, the webpage offers some general information about money transfers, and allows for an interactive exchange between users in a forum.
MIDEO aims to stimulate a favorable business environment in order to harness the potentials of migration for the economic development of the region of Oriental. In cooperation with economic partners in the region, the Moroccan Diaspora in Europe and other partner institutions, structures are established through which the Diaspora can contribute with their know-how and potential to the economic development of Oriental.
The treatment of migrants within Indonesia, particularly trafficked sex workers and domestic workers, is a growing human rights issue in the region. However, the traditional models of advocacy that predominate have produced very limited results in terms of actual government protection for this population. This project is aimed at enriching the existing approaches by enlisting international fora to address the deplorable situation of migrant workers in Indonesia. This work will also bring to light the best-practices that are rapidly coming to the fore as a result of the recently in...