Case Study: Thailand

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The Thailand UN Network on Migration (UNNM) is at the forefront of UN action implementing the GCM for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. The Network was established in February 2020 and has largely focused on responding to COVID-19 by publishing joint advocacy notes on migrant labour and the Myanmar crisis. The UNNM works to mainstream migration into government policies and institutional frameworks, as well as the UN Cooperation Framework.

Thailand was one of five countries to pilot the Network’s training on Integrating Migration into Common Country Analyses and Cooperation Frameworks, focusing on aligning the country’s UNNM with the Cooperation Framework to ensure the UNNM’s work supports the UN Development System’s activities and vice versa. Thailand is a GCM Champion Country, and the national UNNM works with its counterparts at the Asia-Pacific regional level and the global Network to share good practices on joint UN action on migration for sustainable development.