A.MI.CO: Migrant Associations for Co-Development

Related Sustainable Development Goals and Global Compact for Migration Objectives

SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities
GCM 19


The Associazioni Migranti per il Co-sviluppo – A.MI.CO. Training Course – supports the capacity development of migrants’ associations, with a special focus on the following subjects: development and project implementation, budgeting, creation and management of partnerships, external communication, monitoring and evaluation. 

Key objective

The objective of the project is to:

  • strengthen associations of foreign citizens or new generations of Italians;
  • enhance the planning, development and implementation of international development cooperation activities; and
  • share research tools for partnership and funds for international cooperation.

Main activities

A.MI.CO. provides capacity building, training and support to migrants' associations. The A.MI.CO. Award initiative provides an economic grant meant for the implementation of co-development initiatives promoted by migrants’ associations that participated in the A.MI.CO. Training Course.

Key successes or innovative factors, good practices and lessons learned (if available)

Through the A.MI.CO. Programme, IOM has strengthened the role of migrants’ associations as natural transnational actors in the field of development cooperation, empowering more than 274 associations with connections to more than 60 countries around the world. They have produced an A.MI.CO. Programme Implementation Toolkit to provide useful guidelines to other IOM’s Missions, UN Agencies, associations (CSOs, NGOs) or institutions that wish to replicate and implement the A.MI.CO. programme (Migrants’ Associations for Co-Development).


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