Updating the catalogue of government services and developing recommendations for enhancing government service delivery to migrants



This project occured under the Mainstreaming Migration into International Cooperation and Development (MMICD) project, implemented by IOM and funded by DG-INTPA. Learn about MMICD here.

Key objective

Draw on the MMICD guidelines and tools to ensure that migrants are considered in public service delivery

Main activities

This technical assistance (TA) focused on updating the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility’s (MREMH) catalogue of services provided to migrants, while also broadening its focus to all migrants rather than returning migrants (per its existing IOM-supported iteration). The TA also developed recommendations for how public service delivery can be improved and communicated to promote migrant access and inclusion. 

IOM and the MREMH designed the TA after together identifying a gap between the national legal guarantee of equal access to services for migrants and non-migrants, and migrants’ access to public services in practice. A consultant was contracted to address the needs identified by conducting a mapping exercise of services provided to migrants, updating the catalogue of services, and providing recommendations on how public service delivery to migrants can be improved. Dissemination of the catalogue and recommendations is expected for Q3/Q4 2021.

Key successes or innovative factors, good practices and lessons learned (if available)

  • Mainstreamed migration into public service delivery at the theoretical level. 
  • Identified challenges to migrant access to public service delivery across development sectors and ways to enhance this access.
  • Requires activating the MREMH and the other governmental institutions to enhance migrant access and inclusion, as well as to communicate the available public services to migrants. These actions have not yet happened – hence the “theoretical” migration mainstreaming point.


  • Ecuador Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility (MREMH)
  • 26 other Ecuadorian national governmental institutions 
  • Migrants

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