Julia Melnichouk

Julia Melnichouk
Job title
Operations Officer
Main areas of work

Julia Melnichouk supports IOM's Migration and Sustainable Development Unit as an Operations Officer within the Global IOM-UNDP Making Migration Work for Sustainable Development Programme funded by SDC and jointly implemented by IOM and UNDP in 11 countries across the globe. In particular, Julia is responsible for planning, administrative, operational, HR and financial support for Programme management as well as internal coordination and reporting.  Beyond operational support, Julia brings her various skills and expertise in project development, monitoring and evaluation, design and application of various research techniques and tools for conducting policy oriented research in complex social environments and contexts.

Previous experience

Julia has a University Diploma in Sociology with Honours (Kharkiv State University, Ukraine), MA in International Relations & European Studies from the Central European University (Hungary) and MA in International Peace Studies (University of Notre Dame, Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies, USA). She initially joined IOM in 2009 and has a broad array of experience on a number of national, regional and global projects in the areas of reintegration assistance, labour mobility, migration and development having provided support to project development and implementation, operations, capacity development and policy research. In addition, she worked as an individual consultant and independent evaluator for the international organizations (ILO, IOM, Aga Khan Foundation), private sector (Development Solutions LLC) and civil society organizations (Women for Development) in Central Asia and Russia region.

Thematic interests
  • Migration and sustainable development
  • Labour mobility and skills development
  • Migrant integration and social inclusion
  • Gender
  • Monitoring & evaluation 
  • Research methods and tools for complex studies