Sara Mateos del Valle

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Job title
Intern - Program Support
Main areas of work

Migration and Sustainable Development, Global Agenda for Migration for Sustainable Development. Provide the necessary materials and content.

Previous experience

Sara has a Master of International Human Right Law, Humanitarian action and NGO by the University of Strasbourg and a bachelor's degree in International Relations. She held different administrative positions, where she was responsible for assisting people and preparing and managing the necessary documents for her missions. She has done an internship at the European Parliament, in the Directorate General for External Policies of the Union, in the policy department in the field of human rights and democracy. She regularly carried out political and legal research, revised study publications and wrote reports, researched statistical sources and databases, and attended parliamentary committee meetings. She also worked as a volunteer at the Red Cross Spain, dealing with the reception of refugees and migrants, requiring an initial assessment and follow-up of their personal situation.

Thematic interests

Migration and sustainable development, environment and climate change, internal displacement and conflict resolution, human rights protection, humanitarian assistance.