Crossing the Divide: Rural to Urban Migration in Developing Economies

Event description

The World Bank, KNOMAD, and the Migration and Remittances Unit of the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice cordially invite you to the virtual launch event by award-winning economist Bob Lucas'newly released book: Crossing the Divide - Rural to Urban Migration in Developing Countries.

About the book:

A comprehensive examination of the nature, causes, and consequences of internal migration in developing countries. Despite the key role of rural-urban migration in structural transformation and the persistence of lower living standards in the countryside, active policies to reduce, or even reverse, movement into towns are common in major developing regions. Climate change is shifting the calculus: the resulting erosion to agricultural opportunities, combined with the increasing frequency of natural disasters, is already resulting in substantial population displacement, mostly internally and into towns in particular. 


Introduction and moderator: Dilip Ratha, Head of KNOMAD

Author presentation: Bob Lucas, Professor, Boston University


  • Susan Martin, Donald G. Herzberg Professor Emerita of International Migration, Georgetown University
  • Vegard Iversen, Professor, University of Greenwich
  • S. Irudaya Rajan, Chair, International Institute of   Migration and Development, Chair, International Migration and Urbanization Thematic Group of KNOMAD, and Former Professor, Center for Development Studies, Kerela

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